Saturday, 5 February 2011

Strange Swedish New Wave

Ever since the successes brought by Abba in the seventies, Sweden a considerable music industry has developed. Sweden is no less than the third biggest music exporter in the world. In relation to the size of the country, this is something.

Its not only bands. A lot of it revolves around production and songwriting. There are scores of producers in Sweden who do material for big names behind the pond.

Come to think of it, the sounds, the cardigans, robyn, the sounds, the hives, the knife, sahara hotnights, the soundtrack of our lives and kent have all been on my playlists or I've seen them live - outside Sweden. There's a lot of good stuff. If not talking heavy metal (where Norway and Finland are strong), Sweden rules the Nordics.

Better yet, Sweden just keeps on producing a continuous stream of peculiar music phenomena, lykke li already mentioned, britta persson etc.

So, how about some Swedish New Wave with lustens lakejer?