Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Seduction of certainty

Getting it wrong

is hugely popular. The human being is a group creature, and the opinion leaders are often wrong. In any issue, the future is difficult to foresee. No-one sees the complete picture, but the seduction of certainty holds a man captive.

More advanced thinkers can do meta. Meaning that they can look the way they themselves think. If one feels strongly about some subject, or a concept, it is very rewarding to ask oneself: "Why do I feel this way?". Done properly, this simple method can reveal a lot one does not want to see. It is remarkable what a dose of sanity follows from the uncertainty caused by this.

Some people make lists on all the ways they can be fools. It can be a tough exercise, if done thoroughly. In any case, its good to keep in mind that a human being does not learn that much from failure after all. This has been scientifically proven recently.

Anyway, the good stuff comes from the feeling of success.

Now, something practical:

Watch the news and write down what feelings arise with different stories, terms and concepts presented.

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